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November 30, 2018

Fitness Equipment for Strengthening and Stretching the Spine at Home

According to the statistics, almost half of the entire population of the globe suffers from problems of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, specialists have developed a special therapy complex of exercises using home fitness equipment, which would help eliminate violations and defects in the development of the spine at different stages.

The lack of physical activity does not have a very positive effect on human health. Therefore, more and more people who lead sedentary lifestyle are interested in the methods of preventing back problems which are suitable for use at home. There is special fitness equipment, using which will help you to avoid deformations of the back and the consequences arising from it. Such equipment, as a rule, has a relatively low cost. Moreover, the benefits it brings are several times higher than its value, and, undoubtedly, pays back.

Products such as specialized fitness equipment for practicing at home can be found on sale in almost any sports store, for example, you can visit

Fitness Avenue
267 Champagne Dr
North York ON
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‎(647) 729-9048

If we talk about which of all existing structures is better, then there is no unequivocal answer.

For example, for children and adolescents (5–16 years old) who have problems or have a tendency to distort their posture, the “hunchback” exercise machine will be the best option for home training. If there is atrophy of muscle fibers in the region of the cervical and spinal section, this fitness equipment is also useful because it is good for strengthening the muscular system supporting the spine.

When choosing exercise equipment for the back for homework, you should also consult with your doctor, who knows all the details of pathology. Specialists, advising one or another simulator, usually focus on the nature of therapy. That is, if the patient needs to correct a curved spine, then it is desirable to give preference to the equipment that provides vertical stretching of the back. They are also suitable for the treatment of osteochondrosis, scoliosis. But it is important to remember that for a full-fledged course, therapeutic exercises are needed to treat osteochondrosis, hernias, etc.

First of all, a normal horizontal bar will provide a full-fledged training for the back, as well as specialized equipment — traction simulators with the ability to automatically determine the patient's anatomical data and, accordingly, establish the optimal load.

This type of design is suitable for training aimed at:
  • strengthening joints;
  • strengthening the spine;
  • prevention of complications in the presence of curvature of the back

Another simple variation of the fitness equipment for the back, which may well be used at home, is a T-shaped trainer. Representing a bench-like structure and special locks for the legs, such a simulator helps to strengthen the muscular corset that supports the spine by lifting the lower limbs.
The back roller is another unique and simple device that can increase the tone and strengthen the muscles of the back.

After reading this article carefully, choose the most appropriate workout equipment for your home gym.